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  • When the registration fee is confirmed, we will send a registration confirmation certificate via email.
  • You may print registration confirmation certificate via link in email
    - If you are having trouble connecting to the registration confirmation link, please contact headquarters.

Eligibility for Registration Cancellation and Refund

  • If you wish to cancel or receive a refund for your registration, please download the Refund Request Form from the official website (World Korean Convention > Registration Information > Registration Confirmation and Cancellation), fill it out, and send it to headquarters via email or fax.
Eligibility for Registration Cancellation and Refund
Route Subjects Cost Note
Application for refunds made
between June 10 and October 8
Applicant 100% refund
(See below)
A prior notification about the applicant’s responsibility to pay any fees charged by financial institutions in the case of a refund (relay banks)
No entry into Korea due to COVID-19 (Korea and country of residence)
Cancellation of the convention
Unsuccessful 1:1 business meeting
  • Deadline to apply for a refund: Thu, Oct. 8 / No refund possible after Fri, Oct. 9
    ※If a refund request is submitted prior to the opening of the convention due to unavoidable circumstances such    as illness or natural disaster, or to unsuccessful one-on-one business meetings, refunds will be processed even    after October 8, 2020.
  • Other
    - The actual amount of fees refunded to the applicant may differ from the amount paid (due to deductions made    for fees charged by financial institutions, exchange rates, etc.)
    - Transaction fees charged by financial institutions will be the responsibility of applicant.
    - Refunds will be processed sequentially after the convention

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Contact Us
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