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Venue Location

Yeosu-Expo site, 1, Bangnamhoe-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea


Yeosu-Expo site, 1 Bangnamhoe-gil, Yeosu City, Jeollanam-do province, Korea

The distance between the venue (Yeosu-Expo site) and the major stops

The distance between the venue (Yeosu Expo Convention Center) and the major stops
Route Yeosu Airport Yeosu Bus Terminal Yeosu-Expo Station
Distance 20.1km 3.3km 500m
Journey Time 20min 5min in 5minute walking
Taxi fare(KRW) 17,000 5,000 -

* Free shuttle buses will be provided from the major stops to the venue during the event period. 
    Please check the shuttle bus information before the convention.

Call Taxi

Call Taxi
Corporative Call Taxi Tel
Geobook Call +82-61-682-1515
Dolsan Call +82-61-644-0044
Yeosu Call +82-61-654-5500
Yeocheon Call +82-61-682-0066