2021 OKF Support Program For Overseas Korean Adoptees

2021 OKF Support Program

For Overseas Korean Adoptees


Title of the Program: The Support Program for the Future-generation Overseas Korean Adoptees

※ The future generation overseas Korean adoptees: Overseas Korean adoptees (under 45 years old) and the children of overseas Korean adoptees (2nd, 3rd generation)


Purpose of the Program 

▪  To promote the rights of the future-generation overseas Korean adoptees and to enable them to 

Successfully settle down in the countries where they are living in

▪  To establish a sense of Korean identity for overseas Korean adoptees and create ethnic bond

▪  To enhance mutual exchange and a sense of solidarity between overseas Korean adoptees  through building and promoting networks


Eligible Groups/Projects 

▪  Voluntary organizations consisting of overseas Korean adoptees in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia.

▪  Groups consisting of adoptive parents in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia.

▪  Other overseas Korean organizations(Associations of Korean Residents, Korean Language  Schools, Culture&art organizations, etc.) that engage in projects that seek for the betterment of Korean adoptees in the U.S., Europe, Canada, and Australia.


Duration of the Program: 2021.3~2022.2 

※ Notes 

Starting from the 2022 demand survey, applications will be received online to enhance application efficiency, such as simplifying document work. Therefore, please sign up for the (individual or group) membership on Korean.net (see Attachment).

      - After signing up as a member, you are required to have an ID and password to easily

submit your application in 2022. Please sign up in advance. 

Regardless of whether applying for this year’s demand survey or not, all organizations that have signed up for group membership online will be regularly provided with information on major programs of the Overseas Koreans Foundation, including financial aids, invitations and scholarships, etc. 

Projects in Major Priority 



Improving the rights and interests of the future-generation overseas

Korean adoptees and assisting them to settle down in the countries

where they are living in

▪ Legal support/advice for non-citizens/those seeking citizenship

Various activities promoting the political power of overseas Korean adoptees in the countries where they are living in

Conducting surveys and seminars by region/country 

Mentoring and counseling programs to assist overseas Korean adoptees settle down in the countries where they are living in

Establishing a sense of Korean identity and

creating an ethnic bond

for overseas Korean adoptees

▪ Operation of local Korean language camps and Korean culture activities

Promotional activities assisting in the foundation of Korean language schools for overseas Korean adoptees (Forums, Workshops, Classes, etc.)

Developing Korean language/culture workbooks for overseas Korean adoptees

Projects related to collecting and archiving the oral history Korean adoptees

Enhancing mutual exchange  and a sense of solidarity through building and promoting networks for overseas Korean adoptees

▪ Interchange activities between (the organizations of) future generation overseas Korean adoptees (Including their children)

Interchange activities between Overseas Korean organizations

(Associations of Korean Residents, Korean Language Schools, etc.) and 

(the organizations of) overseas Korean adoptees

Conferences or large events by continent/county/region

Other kinds of interchange activities

Submission Deadline: Friday, 29 January 2021 


Application Procedure  

Print and fill out the application form and the attached files (Signature of organization head required) 

Submit the documents to diplomatic office. 

▪   Required Documents 

◘  [Appendix 2] OKF Grant Application Form 

◘  [Appendix 3] Project Proposal Form

◘  [Appendix 4] Organization Status Report 

◘  [Appendix 5] Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement Form 

◘  [Appendix 6] Budgetary Document of Income & Expenditure for the Grant    

 *All application materials must be submitted in either English or Korean

Selection Criteria and Procedure

 ▪   Selection Criteria 

Both the importance, desirability of a project and the appropriateness of the budget  execution plan are considered when supporting an organization

When there are several projects for one organization, only one major project will be granted

If an organization have received OKF grant before, the performance of the last project and the faithfulness of the last execution report will be reviewed with the submitted forms

Please refer to [appendix 1] for details 

▪   Selection Procedure 

The diplomatic office will evaluate the documents 

The OKF committee/board will be held 

OKF will review the documents and decide the amount of the grant    

The grant will be remitted to the diplomatic office. 


Report of the projects  

▪   Execute the project as planned and submit the project execution report to the diplomatic office 

▪   Required documents for the Execution Report 

◘  [Appendix 7] Grant Execution Report

◘  [Appendix 8] Expenditure Report of the OKF Grant 

◘  Receipts

◘ Project-related materials (e.g. catalogues, press releases, advertisements, photographs, visual documentation, etc.)

* Within 2 months after the termination of the project, the Grant Execution Report must be submitted to the diplomatic office


Contact Information 

▪ Overseas Koreans Foundation, Assistant Manager: JiHyeon Jo    

55, Sinjung-ro, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea, 63565

Phone: +82-64-786-0213, Fax: +82-64-786-0249

E-mail: okf_hrights@okf.or.kr, jhyeon2@okf.or.kr   

2-1.Application forms(English).docx 2-1.Application forms(English).pdf