Safe Overseas Traveling Information

View the safe overseas traveling information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and watch video clips that teach safe overseas traveling information provided by YTN News.


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Airport status info
Guide to using airports in Korea
Incheon Airport | Gimpo Airport | Gimhae Airport | Jeju Airport | Daegu Airport | Cheongju Airport | Muan Airport | Yangyang Airport | Gwangju Airport | Yeosu Airport | Ulsan Airport | Sacheon Airport | Pohang Airport | Gunsan Airport | Wonju Airport
World airport weather

World airport weather services for those traveling by plane. Select a country or airport for real-time weather updates.

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Real-time air traffic info
Air portal

The aviation info portal system provides real-time air traffic info such as flight schedules, departure/arrival info, and projected flight times, etc.

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