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New ministry strategy to create 'global pivotal state of culture'

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yu In Chon on May 23 announces a strategy to promote international cultural policy at the conference room of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul in the capital's Jongno-gu District. (Jeon Han)

By Yoo Yeon Gyeong

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on May 23 announced a strategy to promote international cultural policy to make Korea a "global pivotal state of culture."

The first task is to roll out a comprehensive promotion system integrating all fields of domestic culture. The ministry will run a separate domestic council for international cultural policy, while Korean Cultural Centers (KCCs) will lead collaboration abroad with the Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Creative Content Agency and King Sejong Institute.

Heightened training for KCC directors and evaluation of such centers will seek to make the ministry's 42 KCCs and promotional facilities in 34 countries outposts of Korean culture. In regions with no such venues, expanded functions of King Sejong Institute branches will sufficiently allow them to serve as smaller centers.

Another mission is major restructuring of support programs for international cultural exchange. The ministry will simplify the process for international competitions for such exchange, train experts for the task and establish a related integrated platform.

To diversify the export markets for Hallyu (Korean Wave) content, 10 new content business centers will be opened this year in countries like Singapore, India, Australia and Spain. The network will expand to 50 locations by 2027.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yu In Chon said, "Based on this promotional strategy, we will systematically revamp and expand existing policies to lead cooperation with various stakeholders and lead Korea's massive leap forward as a 'global pivotal state of culture.'"