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Cabinet Approves Legal Amendment that Allows Donations and Fundraising for Patriots and Veterans

• The amendment to the Enforcement Decree Of The Patriots And Veterans Fund Act is scheduled to be promulgated in early June, establishing sustainable conditions that make it easy for anyone to donate or fundraise for patriots and veterans.• ▲ New regulations for the fundraising, receipt, and management of contributions ▲ Allowing donors to specify the use of their donations ▲ Amending rules for the deposit of received contributions ▲ Improving criteria for designating fundraising institutions.• The amendment is expected to strengthen support in various fields such as housing, education, culture, and healthcare for national merit recipients.• The Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs plans to launch a dedicated online donation platform during Memorial Month in June, allowing full-scale patriotic donation projects to commence.• Minister Kang Jung-ai stated, “This is a meaningful first step in practicing ‘Honoring Heroes Everyday with Everyone,’ where we remember and express gratitude to those who sacrificed and dedicated themselves to the nation in our daily lives. We will ensure that anyone wishing to contribute can easily participate.”

240528 PR (Donation Law Amendment).pdf