Civil Services for Overseas Koreans


e-People overview

e-People ( is:
A representative online communication channel for conveniently filing civil petitions, proposals, participation, and reports of budget wastage through the Internet, providing one-stop service through close integration with all administrative agencies (central, local government, education offices, overseas agencies), Ministry of Justice, and major public institutions.

What can I do on e-People?

You can file any inconvenience or issue with a government agency,
which will be referred to the public institution that can resolve the inconvenience or issue in the most efficient manner for one-stop resolution.
If you have a good idea for the Korean government in improving policies or systems,
you can file it on e-People conveniently so that the government may utilize it, in which case you may be rewarded.
If you encounter a case wherein government budget is wasted,
you can file a report including the proposal to save the budget so that the valuable tax collected can be used in the best way possible.

How to File a Petition

In the e-People service, you can file a petition with Korean administrative agencies regarding the following matters:
Requests for explanation or interpretation of administrative affairs -- including laws, institutions, and procedures -- through inquiry or consulting
Suggestions on improving government policies or administration systems and their operations Requests to solve problems like administrative agencies' unlawful acts, unfair or passive measures, and unreasonable administrative systems that infringe on people's rights, cause difficulty, or impose an unnecessary burden on the people
Requiring administrative agencies to take actions on other matters
The following people can file a petition with the [Multilingual Petition Service] of the e-People service:
Overseas Koreans
Foreigners living in Korea
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    Access the homepage

    Access our homepage (
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    Multilingual Petition Service

    English , Vietnamese, Japanese, Oʻzbekcha, Chines, Cambodian, Thai, Nepali, bengali, Sinhala, Mongolia, Bahasa Indonesia, Russian, Myanmar language
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    How to File a Petition

    Check the application method & procedure.
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    (Submit a petition)

    Enter the petitioner's name, nationality, address, e-mail, and password when filing a petition. Enter information and attach a file by using the downloaded form. * Enter the petitioner's information in English.
    * Remember the name, e-mail, and password used here to check your petition results.
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    Receiving of the petition

    Your petition will be assigned to the most suitable organization.
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    Handling of the petition

    The organization in charge will deal with your petition according to the relevant laws. The staff in charge enters the answers and sends the results to the e-mail entered.
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    My Petition (Check result)

    Check the answers from the e-People service ( * The name, e-mail, and password entered are required to check the answers.
  • If petitioners who have concluded a legal contract with administrative agencies request an administrative agency to take certain action in direct connection with such legal contract.
  • If unclear or invalid personal information has been provided, such as alias, false name, and/or address, in requesting an administrative agency to take certain action.
  • If those who work for administrative agencies or public organizations request an administrative agency to take certain action with regard to public affairs.