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Roles of Overseas Koreans & Contributions to Korea

Characteristics of Korean communities and their contributions to Korea
Overseas Koreans in Japan
  • A variety of Korean communities including oldcomers (Korean Residents Union in Japan), newcomers, General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, and North Korean defectors

  • Took part in the Korean War (Japanese-Korean Student Volunteer Force)

  • Donated nine out of ten official residences in Japan (worth appr. KRW  2 trillion)

  • Economic contribution including sponsorship for the 1988 Summer Olympics, support for overcoming the 1997 Asian financial crisis (transfer of the yen), purchase of and investment in Korean products (the foundation of Shinhan Bank), donation of citrus trees to Jeju (the pioneer of Jeju tourism), and establishing an export hub in Guro Industrial Complex

Overseas Koreans in the US
  • Korean independence movement (Ahn Chang-ho, Seo Jae-pil), founding of the Republic of Korea (Rhee Syng-man)

  • Efforts to strengthen the Korean-American community’s political influence through the recent grassroots movement

  • Political and diplomatic contribution such as the pass of the East Sea Bill and the resolution on “comfort women”

  • Inviting Korean-American science talents to the heavy and chemicals industry and space industry (KIST, POSTECH, etc.)

  • Contributing in various ways including the adoption of the Korean language for SATII, the development of export markets, and support for overcoming the 1997 Asian financial crisis (transfer of dollars)

Overseas Koreans in China
  • Centers of the Korean independence movement (Mishan, Jiandao, Shanghai, etc.)

  • Mainly residing in the three provinces in Northeast China (areas under the Regional Ethnic Autonomy System) → The great industrial relocation → Crisis of the dissolution of the autonomous county

  • Cooperating with Korean companies in China and providing labor since the 1990s

  • Acting as a bridge for the unification of Korea and the union of the Korean race

Overseas Koreans in the CIS
  • Overcoming a variety of ethnic difficulties such as forced relocation and repeated relocation

  • Exemplary race in the country (Korean people) → Improved the status of the Korean race

  • Playing an important role in Eurasia initiatives such as the New Northern Policy

Overseas Koreans Worldwide
  • Contributing to the Development of Korea in a variety of fields based on their ethnic identity and patriotism

Roles of Overseas Koreans
Politics & Diplomacy
  • Contributing to promoting friendly and cooperative relations between Korea and the country of residency

  • Contributing to the reunification of Korea by spreading espousing public opinion in support of reunification

  • Expanding the Korean race’s influence and speaking for national interests by strengthening political power

  • Economic activities of overseas Koreans and their businesses lead to the expansion of the national economic territory.

  • Foreign direct investments in Korea, money transfer to Korea, and contribution to creating jobs

  • Working as an advance guard for export of Korean products

  • Contributing to promoting friendly and cooperative relations between Korea and the country of residency and spreading the Korean wave

  • Public diplomatic assets to improve the nation’s image

  • Overseas Korean communities’ cultural events advertise Korea all over the world