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Ministry of Government Legislation(MOLEG) provides practical law information services so that users may conveniently address the common legal issues that occur in everyday life, without the necessity of resorting to legal experts.
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법령 및 규정 게시글(코리안넷 | 재외동포민원 | 법령 및 규정)
[Family Law] Inheritance

We provide legal information related to inheritance, ranging from inheritance priority, share of inheritance, inheritance renunciation, qualified acceptance, and inheritance registration for various inheritance-related tax issues.

[Children-Adolescent/Education] Foreign Students

Information for foreign students studying in Korea, including outline of the legal system for foreign students, entry into Korea, life in Korea and completion of study

[Children-Adolescent/Education] Child Care

This content provides legal information on various infant and child care support that you can receive from the state, such as child care fees, home care allowances, temporary child care services, and child health-care support when using child care centers.

[Children-Adolescent/Education] Early Childhood Education

With regard to early childhood education, various organizations and methods can be adopted. For instance, the kindergarten is the representative institution of early childhood education. This document contains useful legal information about the obligations of the head of a kindergarten concerning health management, meals and dietary management, hygiene management, and safety management, and also about support for the education expenses of kindergartens for children aged 5 and qualified children aged 3 and 4.

In addition to kindergarten education, early childhood education is also provided by private teaching institutes such as English kindergartens and playschools, educational programs for young children in lifelong educational institutions, a children’s sports corps in sports facilities, as well as e-learning, home-study materials, books, toys and school supplies. This information material provides legal information about the precautions to consider when entering into a contract, termination or cancellation of a contract, refund of tuition fees, and solutions to disputes.

[Children-Adolescent/Education] Child Abuse

Child abuse is a general subject reported through the media, etc. Although child abuse is primarily considered a brutal and drastic act of violence shown on TV, most child abuse cases are done unintentionally and unawarely. Therefore, the following contents provide information in detail, including the definition, types, and signs of child abuse, method and procedures to report cases suspected of child abuse, and penalties and ways to prevent crimes of child abuse.